I’d like to say that the appearance part of aging – the loose skin, the saggy muscles, the gradual merger of boobs and waistline – doesn’t bother me. But you wouldn’t believe me, and I wouldn’t believe me either.

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  1. I actually find the aging body appearance a sincere relief as a lot of the angst over appearing sexually viable falls away while being kink viable rises. While it is true a person may have replacement parts, wandering scars, a lot of sagging flesh and tufts of hair, the enthusiasm for interaction, the opportunity to enter an altered state of consciousness, to ride the energy of the second person present all increase as the person(s) let go of the many obstructions to ‘getting there’ that come with the release of ‘reproductive urgency’. No one expects the cock to salute, or maybe even to wag and it just doesn’t matter. Flight doesn’t require a hard cock or indeed for all of the body parts to function. It does require the person to let go and drop backward into the abyss into free fall, utterly open, knowing the second person is present and what feels unfettered is carefully considered to prevent harm. Even that thought must go. That’s when giggles erupt between sharp bursts of shocked sensation. Don’t be afraid to be old, it hides grand secrets does age.



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